Sunday, January 29, 2012

Etsy Weekly Favorites

Hello there! How are you? Here in Greece the weather is really cold and it is perfect for cosy afternoons with sewing or baking projects!
My Birthday is around the corner (on Wednesday), even though I am not in celebrating mood. I spend my  time trying to finish all the unfinished sewing  projects I have and baking different kinds of things. Today for example I baked focaccia an italian bread (I will post about it tomorrow). If I am not in mood for sewing I just browse the internet.
Anyway! This is another post about the items I have favorited in Etsy, and they are way too pretty! Enjoy!
(Don't forget to click on the images for more details)

Grey pinstripe dress

Vintage 1950's party dress

Floppy disk mini notebook

Ceramic travel mug

Color pencil necklace

How was your weekend?

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